Space Tether

Written by Gabriella Troy – Instagram: @gabriellatroy

I never believed in sparks flying at first touch,
a meeting of minds
singing souls
echoing the melodies of interconnected galaxies.
I’ve been alone since the beginning of time,
stranded in space,
wondering if I wanted to be found.

I feared the loss of gravity,
a theft of wavering worth
fragile hearts
spinning uncontrollably towards the blinding light.
I can see something on the horizon,
accumulated in denial,
a right and wrong decision too near.

I didn’t want to collide,
a burst of flowering regret
fiery ashes
straining the elasticity of my bones.
I can feel my certainty evaporating,
buried in ruin,
maybe I can’t hide within.

I have to trust I’ll bounce back,
a barrage of broken thoughts
orbiting forever
I will be my north star.

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