extra! extra!

Written by Trini Rogando – Instagram: trini.writes

tw: brief mention of bodily harm

read all about it!
the extraordinary murder of
Mister Exceptional, see the
account of his execution detailed
here completely in black and white!

all things expire with time,
and i suppose this mister
was no exception. if you
ask me, folks, it was the
expressionless wife. such

excretance she is,
the scum of the earth, no?
examination revealed a knife shoved
deep within his rose-red throat, his
trust exploited with an evil, loveless

smirk. there’s no other explanation—and
you readers will gladly lap it up!
grief made exhibitive and death
made extravagant—what did you say?
no, no exaggerations here. the press

is the truth and the exactors are us.
these letters we print speak of existence
itself, the hallowed relationship between
writer and reader, word and mouth,
and our sales forever exceed 

expectations, right? with us, you can exhale 
expertise like the exhumes of candor, like 
the last vestiges of Mister Exceptional
who is dead by the way and whom you must
read all about in today’s paper, you must—

extra! extra!

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