The reason that I will never settle (I’m damned for life I guess!)

Written by Natalie Simonian – Instagram: @fundamentalsofhumanity

The healer falls in love with the man who makes foundations–
foundations for the village, town, city, country, world. 
He’s distant and calculated at times 
but that’s what it takes to create good blueprints. 

She’s warm and outspoken 
and it shocks him sometimes, 
because how can someone possibly be so 

They fit like pieces of an incongruent puzzle. 
If forced together,
the pieces would not match
But with care and time
her soft edges match his hard exterior
and they click

Because it’s love 
but it’s also a choice–
A choice to wake up every day 
and make a consistent effort
to be who you promised you’d be 

This story hails from my Motherland 
Hails from my Fatherland 
This story is mine to tell.

The healer and the man who made foundations 
Gave me reasons not to settle, 
Gave me reasons not to ever let a man take me for granted,
Gave me reasons to believe in the existence of true love.


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