Song of the City Where Two Guns Meet

Written by Tabalith – Instagram: @taba_lith

I have,
Under lullaby lilies,
Sparklingly, strangely seductive 
Dreamed of you

Three nights in a row

I fear
The fourth night
Will melt, 
Icingly licking my tears 
And looking on my hand palms

The fourth night, I fear
Will bury me with snow

Each dream
Draws you closer to me
And pushes you off
The edge I still cut my eyes at 
Each dream
Is the fruit of envy –
I put my face in it and smell it,
Feeling nothing but purple 
Reluctance streaming out 
From your nostrils 

In those nights you belong
To the siren of this song,
To her fingertips of reptile 
Dandruffs and the sticky 
Marmor balls coughed out 
Of the lion’s throat 

Then she, the siren, awakes,
Caught in sweat and your
Stare, imagined stare, 
And not a dot less painful 

Between legs: earthquakes


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