Be Gentle With Daydreamers

Written by Gracie Nordgren

Be gentle with daydreamers.
They have a rosy poison;
It drips from their lips like nectar,
Thrums through their veins,
Drips into their eyes,
Marring their view of the world 

Be gentle with daydreamers.
Those devoted lovers of potential;
They’ve told you all about 
The oceans of stars that
Their mind is made of,
Yet you know none of this
(It is confined to the realm of dreams)

Be gentle with daydreamers.
Their feet have brushed clouds;
They’ve lived so many lives,
Their hearts stained with longing.
They have tried in vain to grasp eternity
With souls that are restless as wind.

Be gentle with daydreamers.
They are homesick for illusions
And have tasted how things can never be.
They live half-lives.
But maybe someday,
They will wake
And come back to you. 

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