A Bedtime Story

Written by Gacie Nordgren

I shall tell you this, for it is important that you know it. 

There was a time when giants roamed the earth. They were so tall that birds nested in their hair. Why, the heads of the tallest would brush clouds from time to time. They were a peaceful people, with only love printed upon their hearts. They loved the stream that gave them drinks. They loved the forest and all of her creatures. And when humans came to be, the giants loved them too. 

Alas my child, humanity is a fickle creation, and it wasn’t long before problems arose. The humans, so small and fragile, lived in fear of the giants. Too often an accidental misstep resulted in human death; sometimes only one, sometimes an entire village. For the giants were as clumsy as the humans were small. After a while, there was talk among the humans of eliminating the giants for good. All of the great rulers of humankind gathered and conspired to fashion arrows of iron. These arrows were to be shot through the heart of every living giant. 

The owls, who were friends of the giants, informed them of this plot and begged the giants to crush the humans forever, for surely they must be wicked creatures, to concoct a plan such as this! Despite their wickedness, the giants’ love for humanity never faltered. They summoned a great lady of the wood, a woman of ancient knowledge, and asked her to put them under a spell of eternal sleep. Then together, they lay down for the last time, one by one, and slept. 

Nature embraced them, and soon enough they became the earth itself. Their skin hardened into rock. Grass, trees, and bushes sprouted from their backs. Today, they are known by another name, one that we have given to them: Mountains.

 That is why, if one is appreciating the majesty of a mountain, the gods have decreed that they press their forehead to it in thanks. Granting the mountains sweet dreams is the least we humans can do. 

Sleep well, my child, and may you be lucky enough to dream on your own terms. 

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