Written by Kyrah Gomes

we always listen to music on the train.
i float away on the baseline, lulled safely
to sleep by the rhythm of the tracks
despite the empty coffee cup in my hands,
and the cake you insisted we share since 
you know that i sometimes feel unworthy 
of sweet things but it’s easier with you.
i glance at the tangled wires of 
our earbuds and realize i am entwined, 
unwaveringly in your orbit. i think 
so this is what they wax poetic about.
my head rests on your shoulder 
but my mind races and you hold me 
so delicately that i want to break 
just so you can sweep up the pieces. 
somewhere it hurts that this
is the closest our hearts will ever be. 
it’s dumb but i swear i can feel fireworks 
sparking in the neurons of my fingers. 
i loathe to admit that they burn 
brighter when i smile under your gaze,
already dizzy with admiration. 
i was never devastatingly beautiful 
but i think i have a pretty mind 
and nice eyes and i long to hear
saccharine words of endearment 
spill from your lips. we laugh 
cynically about the idea of soulmates 
but i suppose there is divinity in 
the way we ricochet around each other. 
for now we just sit on the train 
and drink coffee
and i am lovesick.

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