Youthful Expression.

Written by Leah Short

To keep us occupied mum gave us paintbrushes.
We painted fence panels with water from plastic buckets.
It was our youthful expression, the decoration disappearing in the sun. 
Ready for us to begin again, in never-ending circles.
All we wanted were bubbles and paddling pools on summer days.
Arranging dolls, toys we had, posed ready for photographs

Our domain was a bedroom, it was our concert hall and studio 
as plays were rehearsed, as artworks were devised. 
We recorded our radio shows onto tapes 
till we had rewritten all our time. 
Punctuated by sleep, which was our restless pause. 
Oh we filled up our Saturdays, we broke reality. 
We had our time and used it up
never to hold it in our hands again, once we had grown.