Written by Tabalith

Michelle —
You walk down the street
And smile
With the bee stings
Under your smile,
Some would call
You infantile,
But I but I but
I, I
Know you smile
Because you have
No reason to smile
So you smile
All the time
Hoping one day
You’ll be right
To smile

Michelle —
No one’s waiting for you
At home
That’s why you’re
Not running home
When behind you
You smell black foam —
Some would run
But you but you but
You, you
Know nobody’s home
Because you have
Nobody at home
So your home
Is now the dark foam
You now
Call your home

Michelle —
I will stay inside
My shell,
Untouched by your
Eyes that shell —
Some would try
To break the spell
But I but I but
I, oh I
Remain caught in my shell
Because I fear
Crawling out of my shell,
And my shell
Is cold like the spell
Like a mirror
Like your shell
Oh, my unknown

Oh, my Michelle