Belshazzar’s Famine

Written by Tabalith
Art by Irina Iriser

let me infiltrate
your mind, storm into
your brain with
my white leather
boots with the
green dirt hiding
between my toes
underneath my
nails, and on the
top of my left
decaying leg

­— let me

i will hide under
your earth
breathing in your
clumps of mud
and cough out the
worms you have
still given no
name to because
you name nothing
you want to lose,
and so i will hide
under your earth
a nameless pink worm
under many others

— let me

and i will be rotten
by the time the sun
has risen and the
moon has sunken
into itself so to not
let the stars die
alone and un-encircled
and unseen by you,
because you sleep
with your eyes closed

— do not let me

once i have softly
laid my head
on your kidney
and pressed my feet
against your lungs
to rest my wounded
body machine
i will not be
able to find the
way out of you