Story of my Life

Written by Nathan DeJesus

Like a child that has a story to tell
Each person that crosses your path has to hear your story.
Your boy who cried wolf story
Your “it’s not me it’s my kids” story
And I’m the noble steed or am I the golden retriever? I’m the loyal companion that Listens to your story, not out of interest but the guilt of my consciousness, I watch you as you stare intently at the tv alone on the couch. A sad story.
People write their own stories, so why is it that your story is the “here’s why you should feel bad for me” story? Or does your facade hide your narcissistic, manipulative story? Your “I’ve given you the best life and I’ve been a great mother” story.

What stories do you tell when your noble steed isn’t in your presence? When you don’t have to filter the already unfiltered content? When you can twist the reality? What story is your favorite? Your “my kids are amazing but so ungrateful” story or your “here’s my bare minimum bf that you should fall in love with to” story?

What’s my story? My “I want to make plans but I’m afraid that if I have fun it’ll make the bad days a lot worse” story, my “I want my family to stop being so underhandedly toxic and self-centered” story, I have stories to tell, I have stories that need to be heard, all I can hear are your stories. Your stories are Pulitzer winners, your stories are NY times bestsellers, my stories stay on my phone, out of fear of what you might think of my stories. My stories may not be credible because your stories come with the see-through vertebrae of “motherhood” . My stories are put to shame by your “it’s my kid’s faults” stories.