Written by Nishi Nandineni
Art by Nadi Lindsay

I think I don’t have a shadow anymore. It makes me feel bare–vulnerable, bait to the monsters that crawl in the dark. I feel like a target as I walk the sunny streets with no odd shape, no odd form following me.

There’s only me.
There’s only me, when I feel a darkness dragging with my feet. 

A power.

 But that must’ve been my first mistake, thinking that I was any more than normal.  

No, because I was ordinary, much to my dismay. I was the same as I always was–only now, without a shadow. 

Or so I thought.

Maybe I simply can’t see it anymore. Maybe it’s not really gone, and the creeping feeling of insecurity within me is just an emotion. One that’s here to remind me that despite anything I do, I’m constantly in danger. 

I feel myself looking behind me, in front of me, around me as I walk, as I sit, as I do anything, in a desperate attempt to find the once-there darkness. 

I never see it.


I was ordinary, wasn’t I? 

So I keep looking.