Mourn the Death You Kissed Today

Written by Tabalith
Art by Allec Gomes

It has started to rain, and I wish
I had someone to observe like
a woman at the balcony, opening
her negligee just to reveal
dust underneath

or a man with three eyes walking
his dog and barking as his dog
explains to him why birds are little
pieces of not-so-worthy-of-it

And I imagine
observing a stationary dot
laying around on the grass
until I realize that it is a
dying, hissing bug

I could even watch myself
in the window, peeking
for gods know what and
playing with the crushing blood
pumping between my toes

but I would have to find
a mirror first, a mirror with
no black cloth on it

and as I stand up to erase
the darkness of the thing I
was just two days ago,
I hear the rain crawl away
like the snake I licked three
nights ago, until
it passed away