the letter i left on the kitchen floor

Written by Tabalith
Art by Allec Gomes

listen i haven’t been prepared for this
you know this kind of life with its dripping clouds
of cotton so white like your teeth like your
well whatever there is in between your
you know what i mean
and i dare you to make me get on my knees and
smile like a maniac and tell me that all of
this well this really not so wonderful story
is life because i have a little tiny black book
where i have written everything down about
you and your little
gigantic invisible skin that swirls around
my tiny red chest with your
sweaty fingerprints on it oh no i
have forgotten my point and i stare
at your flesh with wet lips and you ask
me to open my mouth and i open
something else do not tell me
this is the life i wanted when i was
young like motherless rose petals
i was so very young and you yo y
y yo you were already dead like
stony meat ahhh i was so young
and sometimes my head imagined me
sitting on my deathbed and singing
i don’t want to die but i really wanted to
die while i’m still young and beautiful and now
at me i’m still young but
i have never been beautiful and while i tell you
all this you hiss at me like oh god like
you know who i mean and then you
crumble beneath my green feet and
i have still not figured out
not you not me not what i call this day-after-day ride
with no ticket back home