My love is more than an emotion

Written by Ramsha Rizvi
Art by Hernan Pauccara

My love for you is more than an emotion,
I want to be your angel sent from heaven,
The best friend you can come to when you want to talk;
Someone you can tell your secrets to,
I’ll be there for you through everything,
The good and bad, the thick and thin;
I want to ensure you’ll never be hurt again.

I’ll wrap your heart with a napkin and place it in my shirt pocket,
Keep it close to me.
I want to be like a blanket that covers you,
Embrace you warm for the coldest of nights,
Hold you close to me when God’s love falls from the sky;
I’ll be the tissue that dries the tears of sadness from your eyes.

When I speak, I want every word to be a piece of wood,
That keeps your fire burning.
Never do I want the special rose you are to wrinkle in the cold,
So, I’ll be the soil that keeps you standing,
The sun that helps you grow in life.
My endearment will be the water that showers you with compassion;

The love of mine for you is more than an emotion.