[Act 1, or Maybe Always:]

Written by Trini Rogando
Art by Roberto Nickson

[YESTERDAY: i framed a sunset at dusk—
pretended i could fill our between-difference
with light diffused to smog. two
actors in surrender, scared to wake
from our gorgeous fermata. floors
swelling with script; shining and scoured.]

[TONIGHT: we release ourselves to the absence
of thought, or maybe always. we believe that
the view was composed for us, that a crack
in foundation is only stage-makeup, that a
headlighted deer stomps on a snake
as a destiny, through and through.]

[OUR: bodies are cities, all soft mouth
and golden stars, romantic in the
dark and flared crannies made conscious.]

[WE: are nothing without the
silver-tongued screen. we do not want to wake.]

[WE: are scared of the world winding down.
soft eyes gleaming: a lighthouse or a lamp.]