lion in the moonlight

Written by Elizabeth Adan
Art by Rok Romih

you became a bear as you melted into the couch,
and it was beautiful

that was last night
that was milk moon time
when the sky was pink and warm
like crescent rolls enveloping around me

you say god has a beard
when you come at my face like a lion
to kiss me dripping wet

I hear a car door shut on the street corner
and all those spoiled neighborhood dogs are barking
someone else must be carefree and delicious

the hum of noon, the frustration of 2 pm,
and the trains that no longer run
honey-sweet, you’re rotten and impatient
and I’m just here waiting for the weekends

you push me onto the bed, I can feel lace begin its ripping
and in this moment I swear to god that when we’re done
I’m gonna stay up late tonight and pretend to pray