On Making Glistening, Multi-layered, and Millennial Music: Anna Shoemaker

Anna Shoemaker is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who makes glistening, multi-layered, millennial indie-pop tunes. Despite only being a few years into her career, Shoemaker has already been praised extensively by tastemakers like Billboard, Refinery29, and Culture Collide. She’s also opened for Julia Michaels and Bishop Briggs and sold out her own headlining gig at Mercury Lounge just before the pandemic hit. Her debut EP ‘East Side’ was released in 2018 via Steve Madden’s 5Towns Records. In 2020 she released her sophomore project, ‘Everything Is Embarrassing.’

O: Is there an artist that you look up to, whether it be someone who motivated you to begin your music career or someone whose work inspires you today? 

Anna: Right now I’m really inspired and look up to one of my best friend’s Andrew Selkōw who performs as Middle Part. Also very inspired by Ethel Cain.

O: If you had to describe your work in three words, what would they be and why?

A: Crying in the car (four words!)

What is your favorite part of the creative process? 

A: Writing. It’s like word vomiting but appropriate because it’s a song and not just talking too much in a conversation.

O: Do you have a favorite memory of when you recorded one of your most popular songs, “What Am I Doing To Me?”

A: Yes! I recorded the vocals in Jo Daly (Sad Penny)’s closet.

O: What was it like to work with producer JT Daly on Everything Is Embarrassing

A: It was so nice to be and work in Nashville away from my real life for a little. JT Daly is the best! 

O: How did it feel when your debut EP, East Side, was released?

A: It felt like such a relief to release it but I was also extremely anxious to have it out in the world.

O: What is the story behind the “Dump Them” tees?

A: My friend Sydney and I are obsessed with the Britney Spears “Dump Him” tee-shirt, so we talked to our other friend Noah Neal about creating a spin on that and he created this sick design.

O: Tell us about your experience working with video editors, videographers, and the like for your music videos.

A: For my visuals, I try to work with friends or with people who I want to be my friends. I love keeping a really close team of people to work with so everything feels very comfortable and real. 

O: If you could give new artists some advice from what you’ve learned, what would it be?

A: Write what you know and tell your own story. 

O: Do you have any upcoming projects that we should look out for?


Thank you so much to Anna for taking the time to answer our questions! Click on Anna’s website (www.annashoemakermusic.com/) to learn more about her music and merch. To listen to her music and keep up to date with her upcoming releases, check out her social media (Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).

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