soul searching

Written by Gabriella Troy
Art by Bert Christiaens

into the starlit expanse
i lift my face from the void
to feel my mother’s eyes
searching for the soul that
once foamed to the breadth
of my rib cage.

she must wonder where the
little girl who played with
chicken bones as though they were
dolls and turned street signs into
songs has wandered off to.

i doubt she wants to know
that the little girl deserted
the beating of my heart
and i never thought to go
searching for something so
freely lost.

the little girl wouldn’t recognize
her childhood home blackened
to the point of near disrepair
and she wouldn’t want to come
back even if magic could restore it.

i want to wish upon the stars
for a good i cannot yet conceive
but the light dims from my
mother’s eyes and i will not
meet them in this lifetime.