she sat next to his legs

Written by Tabalith
Art by Hoang Loc

created somewhere somewhere there maybe maybe there where
heaven and hell make love right there in the middle in front of the
eyes of god and her angels and her slaves and where it is so loud
so loud because they cry they cry out of lust and love and hate
and they cannot breathe even if they try and they always try and
i still haven’t decided yet who i am to you heaven or hell you say
i am your heaven and i look at you with my eight eyes closed
and i drink you while you do not turn the other way because you
want to look into my face like god watches heaven and hell collide
and then decides she has never given birth to anything as beautiful
as animalistic as blurred as screaming as peaceful as blind as
the thing this word or no this thing this human concept that sits
right between us and watches us turning mad out of desire like
the powdery waterfalls of heaven want the magma pumping
through the puckering veins of hell like my body wants to melt
within you until you finally recognize i am the inferno that will
eat you alive to make you full until your stomach hurts just like
just like just like my fingertips ache in remembrance of your fur