When Plants Cry

Written by Gabriella Troy
Art by Peter Fazekas

Teardrops from the earth
float up, invisible upside-down
rain from the bloodless veins
of foliage. Liquid leached and
subsistence stolen, from pores
with shattered hasps leak gifts
into the vast beyond that devours,
depletes, destroys. The sky
is the limit.

The sky thrashes the earth,
a torrent of godly grief and
bitter brutality. Thirst unquenchable and
roots unshakeable, from stalks
with straightened spines arises golden
foliage into the storm that floods,
feeds, fortifies. The storm
is the crossroads.

Yesterdays swept from the earth
stream away, gateways to buds
and blossoming belief.
Drought defeated and
aspirations achieved, from soil
with replenished vitality sprout seeds
into the cradle that heartens,
holds, harvests. The cradle
is the destination.