Baking Adventures

Written by Miriam Fernandez
Art by M. Catalin Cardei

“Can we bake some cookies?” Melody asked her older sister, Violet, who had come home for the holidays. She attended a university four hours away, and for Melody who loved her older sister, that meant she lived worlds away. Violet was studying to become a teacher and it couldn’t be more fitting; in Melody’s eyes, Violet was the perfect teacher already. Kindness and compassion were never far when Violet was around, and she always enjoyed hearing Violet teach her something new. 

“Of course, Mel,” her sister replied, smiling. “What kind do you want to bake?”

“Chocolate chip cookies!” Melody exclaimed, rushing to hug her sister. Violet hugged her back, knowing that Melody’s favorite cookies were always the same. 

“Okay, well, come on. We should hurry if we want to have them done by tonight,” Violet told her, urging her to get the ingredients. 

“Okay,” Melody agreed, nodding, and then went to find the ingredients. Flour and chocolate chips were the first on the list, followed by the sugar and vanilla. Melody knew that Violet was getting the rest of the ingredients out on the kitchen island, and preheating the oven to 350 degrees. Melody walked over to the kitchen island, placing all the ingredients she got and sitting on one of the stools. Baking with her sister was one of her favorite things to do, especially during the holidays. Her mother and father were out shopping for gifts while her other sister was out ice skating with her friends. But Violet was always there for her and this was just one of those special moments that she shared with her. Just last week, Melody had needed someone to help her with her homework and when she called Violet, she answered on the first ring. She had helped Melody finish her homework, despite the time and distance. 

“Have you gotten the pans out yet, Mel?” Violet asked, mixing the ingredients. She had her apron on, the one that said ‘Best Older Sister’.

“Oh, not yet. I forgot about them! I’ll go get them,” Melody answered, running back to the cupboard to get the pans. 

If we bake the cookies and have them done by tonight, we’ll get to surprise Mom and Dad! Melody thought, grinning as she imagined their faces. Violet was almost done mixing the ingredients when Melody got to the kitchen island with the pans. 

“Here they are,” Melody said, placing them down on the island.

“Great! I’m almost done. Want to finish mixing for me?” 

“Sure!” Melody stirred the flour while Violet dropped in the chocolate chips, each falling like a raindrop into the bowl. 

“Okay, I think it’s ready. Let’s place them on the pans,” Violet said, grabbing two spoons: one for her and the other for Melody. They each grabbed large spoonfuls of the dough and placed them onto the pans, leaving enough room for 30 cookies. At last, they finished placing all the dough onto the pans and put it in the oven. 

“It’ll be done in no time,” Violet affirmed as she washed her hands. Once she dried her hands, she glanced at her watch and let Melody set the timer. But of course, after baking cookies always came cleaning up the big mess in the kitchen. Ingredients scattered around the kitchen, flour all around, a few chocolate chips fell on the ground, and all the bowls and pans that were used had to be washed. Melody set out to clean the kitchen island, wiping the flour off of the surface of the island and picking up the fallen chocolate chips. Meanwhile, Violet washed all the bowls and pans that were used and together, they made the kitchen look spotless again. 

About an hour later, the cookies were done. A delicious aroma arose from the oven and quickly filled every part of the house. Melody and Violet had just finished placing the cookies on several plates when their parents arrived. 

“Mom, Dad, you’re home!” Melody exclaimed, running to give them a hug. 

“We’ve made cookies,” Violet said, pointing to the plates. 

“Was this another of your baking adventures?” her mother asked, smiling as she set the shopping bags down and gave Violet and Melody a hug. Her father was hanging up his coat and gave them both a hug. 

“It smells great in here,” he said, breathing deeply. And they all sat down with a glass of milk to eat the delicious cookies that Melody and Violet had baked that afternoon.