Blast You Away

Written by Gabriella Troy
Art by Liza Summer

The meeting of my nose and a Kleenex
is a nasty natural occurrence,

but today my nostrils trumpet
in celebration of you and me.

If I could yank you out of my life
I would blast you away like snot,

A vile specimen not meant to cling
within me, but meant to be choked

In the folds of a tissue–lotioned because
at least I have a conscience.

You’d end up discarded
in a rank alley where you belong

with your foul green bestiality,
an alien invader in my eminence.

All I needed was to sneeze,
to cleanse my aura of your pollution.

I am struggling to breathe through
your blockage of my dreams.

Just one more whiff of air
and I’ll smell victory.