Heartbreak Jenga For Two

Written by Callie Cheng

The two of us stood on a tower so tall,
A-hand in hand, peering out on the pier,
As the sun dipped his mane in the ocean’s chorale,
Where the colours of my demise should have struck me with fear.

The tidal’s painted buttresses flew at us— see,
Screaming to tear at the seams of our spire,
With a thousand arms that emerged from the sea,
That reached for my flames, to snuff me the liar.

But you stand beside me, so I might stand here straight,
Despite the falsehoods I’ve whispered by the crook of your ear,
You’ve still not abandoned me to the coming sea’s fate,
And you’ve smiled even when my beastly storm there comes near.

And a liar I am, oh a liar am I,
For you see, as you stood beside me up there,
I’ve tricked you to the tops of this tower in the sky,
To stand as my comrade ‘neath the fires of the crowd’s glare.

We were never just friends, oh were we my dear?
Else would a friend have forged you a spire of secrets that tips like this tower?
So when the tidals of the truth roar so near,
I’ll not lie to you now, not at this time, at this hour.

I should have told you so, and told you then,
So I’ll tell you then now, lest I lose you my friend.
I’ve loved you since I’d met you for the first time again,
And I wish that you’ll stay with me, past this tsunami’s end.

She comes for me now, for my tower of lies,
And shattering the qualms of what’s mine and yours past,
That false memory of us on this lonely night dies,
As might my throne and my fortress do tumble at last.

So tumble let her be, let her tumble to her doom,
But you’re here with me now, so please stay on this crumbling shelf,
And stand with me as I face the monsoon,
Of the truth to lie I’d told you and myself,

Really, I liked it when you stood beside me,
So let’s rebuild this tower, in the calm after the sea.