And Winter Follows

Written by Miriam Fernandez
Art by Olya Kobruseva

Many people dislike the cold winter evenings, where time seems to disappear into the unknown and the day is plunged into darkness. When the night arrives faster than usual and the sun runs away. The freezing temperatures and the frosty winds and the morning frost on cars that keep them cold. Or the way the roses seem to hide, remaining frozen for what seems like forever. But winter is so much more than this. 

It’s hot chocolates being sipped on a cold afternoon, where a good book and the warmth from this drink brings immense joy to your heart. The way children sit in a circle, surrounding the person telling a story: marvelous adventures where all someone needed was a little bit of bravery and compassion. The music playing from the radio, the holiday songs that everyone knows by heart and sings along; some singing in harmony and others out of tune. 

The freshly baked cookies and the gift wrapping that somehow makes everyone feel home. The way family is not just a concept but has a real presence and brings to mind all the wonderful memories one would wish to relive. Watching movies together, wrapped in warm blankets, and playing board games. 

The little smiles and designs one draws on the frost of cars or the thousands of pictures taken to capture the sweet moments, here and there. The piano echoing in the distance along with the voices of violins and other instruments, reminding everyone of the season and the holidays. The warm jackets, the scarves full of patterns and colors, and the boots that keep your feet warm. 

And the snow that only exists in some places, a blanket that envelops the ground in pure white and invites people to build snowmen and have snowball fights and make snow angels. And it’s like everyone has forgotten that fall was ever there, that the trees that are now leafless were once filled with red and orange and yellow leaves. Winter is all anyone thinks of, what gracefully follows fall.