A Wish for A Happy Family

Written by Varrick Kwang
Art by Achraf Alan

I could have wished for a better, more prosperous life for myself. I could have told the shooting star that I wanted out of this shitty life. Heck, I could have said that I wanted straight A’s, or my peers to stop making fun of my situation at home. I could even have wished for the strength and smarts to endure this situation.

Anything else could have been better than what I ended up wishing for that day. 

“I wish my parents will resolve their issues so they won’t get a divorce and I wish this family will be happy.” 

The shooting star was gone in a flash, and a very naive side of me thought, for a split second, that the angel in it had gone to fulfill my wish. My rational mind instantly called bull on it, but hey, there was no harm fantasizing a little, right? But making that wish gave me hope, hope that the power of the shooting star could at last save my family from falling apart.

A few days after I made the wish, my parents had signed the papers at the lawyer’s office. They, however, had no intention to fight for custody as they still wanted to raise me, Hayley and Peter together. But dad had found a place and moved out.

I wasted my wish on something impossible, something that was destined to fail. I wasted my wish on a dead horse. At first, I thought that the reason my wish didn’t come true was because the shooting star was actually a random satellite that fell from space after it ran out of battery, or space debris, a piece of rubbish discarded by astronauts.

 Or maybe, it was simply because shooting stars don’t work, it’s just childish tales and baloney.