The Roses Have Bloomed In The Garden of Lady Selene

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by cottonbro

She’s born again beneath this moon,
Burning through the cosmos with her chariot and spear;
We’ll mourn ‘gainst the chains which once brought her ruin,
So bleed, oh bleed might those eyes which once jeered.

When her horns are of gold and her reign is of doom,
So bright you shall scream, at the Lady Domineer.
She’s worn out the old, so now your throats bleat her tune,
As her right heel sunders, you cruel men who leered.

I warn you now, young rascals and old goons,
This Lady is might, made from wrinkled the year,
She’s sworn to the daughters sold just far too soon,
So do be of fright when her blade seeks your tears.

A thorn made of opulence, we were once told to bloom,
But our plight’s were but heard by our Lady, our dear,
To borne us from flowers to nettles sans wombs,
So might we be freed from the reigns of our atmosphere.

So adorn you your teeth, and stab wordless your grooms,
When white shines our Lady, and the blind sun sleeps near,
Be torn from their sheaths might your swords and your plumes,
And be right by your sisters and by you, oh my dear—

Selene loves you child,
Selene will come soon,
You’ve not been defiled,
‘Neath the eyes of your mother, your moon.