When Fall Arrives

Written by Miriam Fernandez
Art by Rikka Ameboshi

I love the sound of rustling leaves, the way they dance in the air before finally descending onto the ground. The way the wind carries each leaf in the fall: a whirlwind of crimson, orange, and yellow, circling through cities and places and people that will someday meet. And through it all, the leaves that seem to write themselves into the stories of the people passing by; it’s the magic of fall. 

I love the way the wind murmurs–sings a little, too–when the afternoon sun dies. As it retires and time trickles into the evening, the trees sway to the music of the wind. Calm and quiet at times, then loud and tempestuous as the wind zooms past colorful houses and, once in a while, briefly tickles the faces of those who walk by.  

Wonder is everywhere when the world is illuminated by the sunsets, the brilliant colors that merge with each other endlessly. A kaleidoscope of colors in the sky causes everyone, no matter where they are, to look up, even for just a second. The sky connects everyone and holds the gaze of people because these moments are finite. Sunsets can appear over and over again, but they will never appear exactly as before. And yet, everyone will always be able to enjoy the beauty of sunsets. 

And then twilight. The light fades and night slowly envelops the world in temporary darkness before street lights illuminate sidewalks with thousands of people coming home after long hours and stressful days. Starry skies are what most people look forward to; stars sprinkled in the sky like sugar, white specks that brighten the night and hold the gaze of people looking up at them from their windows. Stars that watch people make wishes, as they believe in shooting stars and pixie dust and fairy tales. Nighttime is serene, a time for people to dream and soar far beyond what they imagine possible and hope for the next day. And the next. And the next.