Spring Begins

Written by Miriam Fernandez
Art by Taryn Elliott

Spring is always such a wonderful time, where all the flowers seem to bloom once more and butterflies decorate the air in different colors. There is a little breeze, and it is quite peaceful, as winter slowly fades away. The sun appears more frequently, bringing warmth and happiness to everyone. The trees are now filled with leaves, brilliant colors filling its branches and dancing with the soft wind.

There is rain at times but, even so, the earth seems to be content with the passing of the seasons. The way winter disappears and spring enters the world, painting the petals of the roses, lilies, and so many more flowers. The sky is clear, blue and endless as chirping birds soar through the world and then into trees, to their homes. 

Hope is what spring brings; beauty and wonder present in the smiles of people walking on the streets—busy but happy. Children laugh as they blow bubbles that float gently and later vanish, and go on adventures with their friends. Music fills the air, notes gracefully played and people dancing, forgetting about the future and any worries. 

Spring always leaves too quickly for anyone to notice and when they do, it is too late. But, even then, it isn’t easy to forget about spring and the joy it brings, especially when it begins.