Galaxies Sip

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Ron Lach

Silver sips my sad champagne,
But Bitter lights her stellar’s mane.
Effervescent nebulous,
Lie in my cup till daylight rusts.

And in that autumn crumpled burnt,
Is caramel carpet pain unlearnt.
So drink you like my innocence,
And sip you till my life may rinse.

Frown you as I drown in wine,
As absinthe glitter spirals mine.
So drowsy drowsy drinking joy,
Might one day flight my dreams employ.

I’ll eye you up in corduroy rum,
But chiding lest your conscience hum.
A-seize me up this twirling ice,
Of vodka heroes, all things nice.

Now spank those stars their moans you’ll hear,
Celestial chaos fried demure.
Let’s powder powder ash my brain,
Without you by my life to stain.

Darkness folds with diamond eyes,
But sparkles in my bloodstream rise.
And where I’ve lost for lustrous glee,
Inject by black to rainbows be.

Weep your arms, encompassed lost,
Though me I find, I’d pay that cost,
Crash or die by fated will,
In heaven find my face until.

So sappy sipping sloppy cider,
For pleasure such my mouth grows wider.
Orbit me till wrinkles dawn,
Mundane your scold, forever’s yawn.