q & a

Written by Emma Flynn
Art by Susan Wilkinson

                                                        q: what are you waiting for? a: for something.
                                                                                 for you to begin.
if you are unbearable,
then i am unlovable.
i have watched
this beginning before.
i have seen this
movie. i have.
if you are the deity,
then i am the disciple.
                                                      q: what is a disciple? a: the woman on her knees.
                                                                          the woman in your bed.
oh, you are wretched
oh, i am healed.
oh, i am
oh, i worship too hard
too hot, too heavy
too, too, too, too, too.
                                                         q: what is too much? when is too much? a: you.
                                                                              and now. now. now.
i confess: i rot within.
you confess: you like
the dead things.
i said i slaughter.
said i would kill
myself for you.
i am nothing but
beneath you.
                                                            q: what is carrion? a: the sins of the flesh. the
                                                                                            rapid decay.
i am murderous
for you. for you.
i would strip.
i would cradle.
i am ready for-
you are waiting
love. love. love.
why can’t you?
love me.
                                                              q: what is love? a: love is dying. dying and
                                                                                   waiting to die.
why do you carry
so many names?
lover. darling.
sinner. killer.
i mostly love
the worst of
i mostly fear
the best of
                                                                 q: what is fear? a: watching you dance.
                                                                                 wanting your smile.
don’t wait for
don’t move
without me. with
them. with her.
i wish your
didn’t last to
                                                                 q: what are bruises? a: declarations of love.

q: what are you waiting for?
a: for you to love me. please love me. please love me.