Music Notes

Written by Miriam Fernandez
Art by Pavel Danilyuk

Brielle knew she could always count on music. She would often grab her guitar and strum a few chords, humming as she played, sometimes a song that she knew or a melody she composed in just a few seconds. Soft sounds from her guitar came when she wanted to sing quietly, whisper a few words as she played different chords. Other times, she would play faster and faster, louder and louder until her siblings would come into the room and complain of the noise. 

Brielle loved the way music surrounded her life. It was so simple, so lovely to hear a few notes or the beat of a song when she walked through the neighborhood, listening to the music playing from the houses she walked by. Or when her friends played other instruments, inviting her to bring her guitar and join them as they played their favorite songs. 

Her parents had always encouraged Brielle to learn an instrument, whether it was piano or guitar or cello. Both of her parents were musicians and hoped that she would want to play music like they did one day, so when they realized that she loved music and would recognize the notes they played at a young age, they began teaching her to play guitar. Brielle had chosen that; she had wrapped her hands around a guitar and her parents knew she wanted to play the guitar. 

Now, she spent her days playing songs in the evenings, happily singing while strumming her favorite chords, hearing the beauty of every music note she played.