Written by Emma Flynn
Art by Elia Pellegrini

you can’t return the past–
can’t give away the ripples,
send back the years.
forget the winter &
the pain &
the laughter you leave
when you’re gone.

i follow behind you.
five years too late,
moving too slow
to catch up on
the things i’ve
you whisper dreams
and poetry- my
only muse is your

and there is the
spinning and the
numbness and
the smoke, and
there is the going home
the silent road;
the wide-eyed moon.

and there is the room.
dark and stagnant.
without memories of
bodies or dark hair
on my face.
there is love outside
of it- the image
of red lips of
long lashes.

the chemistry of
obsession is not
an exact science.
your palm on my
skin- your tears in
my mouth.
freckled shoulders,
olive skin.
to keep you
within my eyes–
to trap you in
my soul.

to lick your wounds.
to cower at the
horror of your beauty.
to let you ruin
the temple–
sanctify what i
have desecrated.
lay in my bed and
taste my sweat;
agony and ecstasy
are interchangeable.

and you’ll never
understand- for you
i’d massacre.
for you, i’d devour.
for you, i’d destroy.
for you, i’d ruin.
but you, i will love;
but you, i will hold.