She Lived

Written by Miriam Fernandez
Art by Vlada Karpovich

She had always liked running through the field, feeling the wind as she ran and with every step, her heart seemed to beat with joy. It was a time where she didn’t have to think about anything else but the way her feet almost flew each time she ran faster. And sometimes, when she finished running, she would lay down on the grass and stare happily at the sky, closing her eyes; everyone knew running was one of her favorite things to do. 

She had always liked waking up a little earlier, grabbing a jacket, and running outside until she saw the morning light appear, the sun rising behind the mountains that surrounded the place she grew up. She would go to her favorite tree, the one where her parents had built a treehouse, and climb up. Flowers that she had gotten from her mother’s garden, collages of her friends and her family, along with books filled this space that she knew completely. When she was there, she would sit on the floor with a few books next to her and read.

She had always liked walking into the library, entering a place that she could come any day and find stories that she could read. As soon as she finished her homework, she would run to the library and walk inside, waving hello to people she knew. Every time she came, she would slowly walk past the bookshelves and read the title of the books. And when she found a title that she could not forget, she would carefully open the book and turn to the first couple of pages, sitting down on the floor, peacefully reading. 

She had never stopped running, never thought about waking up later or waking up any time after the sunrise. She had never thought about leaving her treehouse, disappearing and leaving everything she had there. She had never thought about walking past the library, walking somewhere else where books were not on bookshelves and she didn’t recognize anyone. It was a life that made her happy, gave her a smile even when she felt like her day was not going like she wanted. She lived.