Only Wins for Me

Written by Gabriella Troy
Art by Engin Akyurt

Yesterday marked a new beginning.
Can you see how I walk now
on sugar-coated clouds?

I’m high on my sweat,
like the tang of coffee on my lips
and life just stirs
below me
like a straw waiting for me to draw.

I’ve found the key
to the world beyond you:
the trophy on my nightstand
that has only my name–
it’s waiting for every accomplishment
I fulfill.
And I will win;
there’s only me to compete.

I will soar above the sun
and become akin to the stars
you wish upon;
I have wings
and no storm will tear me

I’m alone
and better for it:
with just me,
that self I have loved since yesterday
and will now forever revere,
I will reap
and never be conquered
by your sadness.