Pelle Sub Agnina

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Engin Akyurt

I have worn your body
From morn to night
To adorn the ungodly;
I’m a mournful sight.

I have lost your pieces:
Marbles tossed to gutters,
Gas, exhaust, and faeces—
Lips embossed with mutters.

I am bones; a skeletal
Half-sewn fraction of
A loaned soul festival
That moans for above—

I am damned; I am hell,
A pentagram sits beneath
This Madame Unwell,
Who burns lambs ‘tween her teeth.

You are the devil; satanic
Figment that fills the body,
Container to spill with demonic
Desire, to eat, kill, and unsee.

You are, you are, you are,
So bizarre, the one I will not
Remove, voussoir, you are
By far, my worst—my plot!