That of a Man Who Kept a Wolf For a Dog

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by NEOSiAM 2021

Bark dog, bark!
Roll over! Sit! Fetch!
Now what do you do now? Boy, Hark!
What’s that now boy? You want to play catch?
Master is busy. Go be a good boy.
Bad dog! Bad!
Don’t you dare act so coy—
A muzzle and leash ought to keep you in, lad.
Sit doggy, sit! You sit, sit, sit, sit!
AH—! Oh, why you little wretch!
You’ll regret that boy—I’ll see to it.
You’ll learn respect, you barking bitch.
I’ve given you everything,
How dare you treat me so?
Consequences! Your actions—that’s what they’ll bring!
Now think about what you’ve done and oh—HO HO HO!