my heart, for you

Written by Jessica Liu
Art by Kayleigh Gallagher

My heart isn’t mine anymore
Here, you can keep it

I cut it out of my chest last night with a sword
it didn’t even hurt, I swear to the Lord

Don’t mind all the cuts and the scrapes
from the last time I gave it away

I saw it two months later in a lost and found
that was a half an hour drive away from my town

It was still in the gift box I wrapped it in
with my beautiful burgundy violin

But it was alright
I took it home that night
put it back in with a little ice

I didn’t even cry for God’s sake,
it was nothing compared to the heartbreak

Please ignore the unsightly stretch marks
that run down the sides like gills on a carp

Those stripes formed when my love wore thin
my patience tested by my own kin

Tried about a million creams
spent too much on skin care regimes

I know it’s not perfect
but neither am I

Hope you’ll accept it
you know I’m shy

It’s looking for a forever home
to feel like more than just a temporary loan

So put it on a table, stack it on a shelf
don’t worry about me, it won’t affect my health

Just look at it once in a while
it would be happy if you could spare a smile

It doesn’t need sunlight or a watering schedule
if it’s with you I know I don’t need to worry

I know you’ll make it feel real special.