For You

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Denny Bitte

Let’s peek through the unknown into the known
And sing the blues of yellow dreams scrounging
That wired soul for the good deed you always did
Like a saint in their enlightening stage, blooming, leaving, sewing the patches of happiness and brewing the truth of sadness
You lie awake in the starry night so much
That stars whispers their secrets to you
And you heal from the forgotten scars and dive deep
Into their words, into the endless breath of being, into the madness of dreamy beams.
Follow up your heart and reach for the gauntness
Of the shattered days and broken time,
Don’t worry dear, pebbles won’t change
their paths or leave your journey
You’ll make your own bricks
You’ll carve your own world
And most of all, you’ll live not only survive.