Written by Jessica Liu
Art by Leah Prodigalidad

Callisto was in love. 

And she was terrified, because she was a Hunter of Artemis. And Hunters weren’t supposed to fall in love.

But who was she kidding? 

It wasn’t like it was something she could control. It wasn’t like she could restrain her heart like she did her prey when they pulled and pulled on the nets that Britomartis wove.

It was wrong. So wrong. And it was wonderful.

Callisto was in love with a fighter, with lithe and strong limbs, hands and veins that ran like rivers she bathed in. She was in love with a leader, eyes that glinted silver like the stars, or perhaps the moon, with quiet determination. A friend. A teacher, a-

“Dreaming again, Callisto?”

Callisto woke with a start.

Artemis was standing above her, one hand on her hip, the other gripping her bow, a teasing smile on her face.

“Yes, my lady,” Callisto stammered. “I- I mean- no, my lady, I-“

Artemis smirked.

“Oh, Callisto,” Artemis shook her head in amused resignation. “What am I to do with you? I’ll have to keep an eye on you, won’t I?”

Yes, you will.

With an easy grin, Artemis jogged off into the clearing, and Callisto laid back down with a sigh.

That was close.

Callisto closed her eyes again, and let herself drown in her fantasies.

Lips, hands, curves, hands, collarbones, beautiful, beautiful

She rested a cheek on her forearm, knowing she would drift off any moment, and no doubt dream again.

She always dreamt of the same thing. She always dreamt of her.

Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, whose arrow never missed her prey, had captured Callisto’s heart.