dear moon

Written by Ari Chattoo
Art by NASA

dear moon,
how can it be?
yesterday, i told my best friend that i was no longer in love with you.
this morning,
you texted me a picture of the sunrise and i found,
my heart still beats in your chest and,
i crave you something vicious in my gums
how naive is the fool who
is so easily spun in your orbit.

dear moon,
i wish we never parted on such good terms.
i wish i wouldn’t mourn for you in
the way stars lament darkness in morning light.
you, my stable solid satellite.
my beautiful, ruinous, graceful thing.
my true love, my first love.
someday soon i will touch your cratered cheek
and confess the callowness that i have hid in my heart.

dear moon,
my beloved, i hope you are doing well.
i hope you find a love as great as your own
in every tree, every ocean, every star.
i hope your heart remains soft and your garden flourishes.
i hope your voice stays honey-sweet, your skin luminous.
may you find art in the quiet moments
and melodies in the belly of a roaring crowd.
may your joy linger on longer than my love can.