Mary Magdalene visits the asylum edited

Written by Stuti Desai
Art by rottonara

& her first words / are the same as / ours: אִמָא /  

call out, name / sake, for / feit. / What is a woman if /

not her name? / Mary knows so / she 

irons it into her neck / for safekeeping. / Common 

historical knowledge that men like / when

you touch your hair, so she / runs fingers through, 

watches it come out / in tufts brown / watches her name /

exposed, / theft in broad daylight.

/ Someone grabs her / arm, rough, 

rope-flesh. / Men need women who / need men to need / 

women, so do not fault woman / greying, iron

grip, do not fault woman / doe eyed, reprimanded for

serving another too much / do not fault woman

cutting her name, / sewing it together. / her first words / Magdalene 

אִמָא / ímma / mother / come back Mother Mary.