See Me In The Water

Written by Erica de Belen
Art by Javardh

On days when there is not enough of you to go around, when you have been emptied out, when you are not where you are supposed to be, I want you to take your heart, take off your shoes, and see me in the water. 

There, I will tell you that you are the sun in the east; the stars beating against the darkness; the red sunrise settling on a mountain. And as for me, I am a river that flows into the open sea. I am the ocean waters curling and uncurling against the shore, reaching and reaching so that it may kiss the sky. 

I will tell you that for as long as the sun is merciless, as long as the moon is unashamed, and as long as the stars have stories to tell, there will be nothing more reliable on Earth than the tides rising and falling each day. The tides breathe, not a day passes that they don’t. Not a day passes that they do not strain themselves to touch the sky, even a little. 

Remember me as the tides, and I will remember you as the sky. Even if there is an expanse between the sea and the sky, even when it seems hopeless, I will tell you to look at how the light glitters on the water’s surface, how it looks as if the night sky has come down to make its home in the sea. I will tell you to look at how the colors of the sunset, sunrise, smothers the ocean out of complete adoration. I will tell you to look at how the water is more determined than ever during the darkness. 

One day, it will happen. It seems impossible, but if it’s us, it will. The tide shall reach its sore arms up, and the whole sky will plunge its body into the very sea.