Fairy of the Stairwell 

Written by Varrick Kwang
Art by Nina Hill

Dear Fairy,
Are you lonely?
At this little altar of yours,
All alone, handling mail for the occupants of this building.

Dear Fairy,
Has anyone reminded you of the magic you ooze.
Has anyone told you a “thank you”
Has anyone noticed you when they need you?
Has anyone noticed you ever at all?
Has anyone even said hello?

Dear Fairy,
Thank you for existing.
Thank you for taking care of the mail
Thank you for safeguarding the stairs.
Thank you for the magic you put on show everyday.
Thank you for being here
Even if no one else notices it.

Your voice is a melody.
The song of your spoken words lift my heart from its sunken slumber.
For when you smile
The day goes all bright,
And the lights are all fixed.

In you, I see the heavens sent an angel in the form of you.
But only living in a little stairwell…

Why, oh why do you stay, Angel?

The world is bigger than a stairwell.