malaise trap

just the carcass not the soul, that’s all that moves today.


tender is the heart that aches past the midnight hour;

Sink or Sail

Sinking sand, slipping I slide into a suffocating hug.

body talk

i saw a video of xtina earlier where they counted backward through her aging


An apology isn’t enough—

A Break

Every winter I fall into a similar pattern.


She told him she was struggling to sleep,


Angel oak limbs brush the ground in heavy swooping curves.


in ur 20s ur supposed to drink & have sex loudly & party hard til

Heartbreak and Honesty with rlyblonde

“Make art because you want to, because you have something to say, not because you expect anything from it. You can wake up any day and change your life or your identity. There’s so much time in the world to live and create art, you don’t need to rush.”


I wish my words could curl into the air

Building the Foundations with Raynestorm Productions

“No matter what happens, adapt to the challenges and find a way to overcome them. Look back to where you were a few years prior and see the amazing growth you’ve made not just in yourself, but in your career.”


There is one bus that takes you into the village

Appreciating “Ugly” Art with Taylor Webb

“It’s important to make “ugly” art because it allows us to distance ourselves from the idea that everything has to turn out in a way that we consider to be perfect, or for that unachievable standard we set: if we can’t reach that level of perfection as an artist, we might never be happy with…