Field Notes & Family with Christyn Refuerzo

“In that first draft, no one can judge you. No one has to see that first draft. You do not owe it to anyone to show it to them. Keep that first draft sacred. Just let go and write.”


In the end we’re only dirt.

o, winter

winter tucks us under his blanket again

Swimming Lessons

My grandmother sent me a message out of the blue on a Tuesday morning.

On the Power of Words Left Unsaid: Saoirse

Negative space as a technique has a long history of use in visual art and I think poetry is particularly conducive to its use. What do we communicate via what we leave unsaid? Which realities is language incapable of capturing authentically? Who’s articulate silences are we ignoring? These are the questions that keep me up…


There is sourness in the winter canned citrus.

Problem Solving and Exploration with Erin Halligan

“I had an art teacher who told me that art is all about running into problems and finding a way to solve it- hearing that has helped me when I’m feeling too perfectionistic. Both writing and drawing has given me the ability to understand more things about myself, which has always been so interesting. Growing…

Leaving the Abstract Space with Yusra Usmani

“An idea that hasn’t been introduced to the world of reception and criticism is only half-baked. It needs to leave the abstract space of your mind and become something tangible. And that’s only the beginning.”

violet milk

You can try it once; I promise, nothing bad will happen.

Blurred Faces

What am I going to do with all the blurred faces in my head?


is it better to speak or to die?


i dream for the same reason i breathe & i dream for the sake of feeling

Piano Lessons

On Wednesday nights, in a small living room on a dead-end street,


we gathered up some words and piled on the couch:

Ode to Rachel True,

Since I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed the horror genre, and it didn’t take very long for me to begin enjoying fantasy.


Twisting ivy vines thread and twine through ladened leafy boughs


i wonder if you still think of me the way i think of you &