Red Ring

Written by Anna Conway
Art by Sam K Clem

Snapping the cider can
rings the fondness
Of life back after waiting in your
University dorm for a text
Or a call
Or a flyer put through your
Door to send your senses alight with
The raging lights of the night
The flash from someone’s phone
The battery-powered globes and
Strobes that peel at your retinas
One after the other until the only
thing you can see is
The flesh of your palms scraped with
Envy as the boy who said he likes you
Pulls the lips off of another girl with
His teeth
Your nostrils, red raw from coke
sending your synapses into
A frenzy and a girl pull you into
Examine the red rings on your body
Drunken devils in the inferno of
A cheap uni dorm, their shadows
Dance and disappear as quickly as the
Fever piques and calms as you’re left waiting
For the smell of an open bottle of mouthwash
To bring you to life again