Winter’s Repent

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Pixabay

Wavy winter
Whispers woes,
But with or without,
Her dissonance shows.

Leather binds
And meads the tide,
With white-eyed woes,
And wounds inside.

Snow laughs piercing
That my wife,
And keeps her frozen
Far from life.

The willows shake
Like fallen stars,
And moon-shed teardrops
Wilt cigars.

Where pine were needles,
Scream her scent,
But why so feeble,
Did winter repent?

As hymn from frost
Do nip my nose,
But pay that cost,
As warm blood knows.

And as washed up winter
Worded white,
The queen did cry,
And slip her might.

Sincerely, Where The lights do crash

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Lena Glukhova

Send me seven
Moons and stars,
Where drunk are
Cats on white cigars.

Me, I like
The latter two,
Of cold the iris,
Pierced with blue.

Kissed by Summer’s
Burnt surmise,
And murmured softly,
Pink clouds rise.

Make me honey,
Make me sweet,
Of Eros winged,

Flutter flutter,
Butter melt,
Then in your heart,
My name do smelt.

Sincerely, where
The lights do crash,
Might sparkle sparkle,
Hope I splash.

The Attic in The House of Soleil

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Lany-Jade Mondou

Baby blues are skies anew that simmer
Swimming, oceanic, like those eyes,
Love you, love you, I do, I do, I tell her,
Myself, although I think I know, by next sunrise,

I’ll be an eagle, drifting, lullaby, beneath
The conquered, frameless, punctured shapes of souls,
Where girl, she died, taking full her breaths,
A woman scarred by time, scooped empty, empty, eaten bowl.

The wrinkles map your skin where life, she’ll touch,
And love her with your body you do, you do,
Making moans as at, her flowing locks you clutch,
But slips like water, burning bones, and shriveling you.

I think that we’d do best to die, but better yet,
We live, I live, and endless hurting hold it in,
Because I don’t think that I’ll have truly met
You, loved you, until I’ve killed you with my own two sins,

These hands that roll up a boulder to the skies
My shoulders strong beneath what heaven weighs,
I swear that I am Sisyphus, I swear I’m going to die.
I bleed here on the knife I picked, and choose to day by day.

I wonder where the rainbow ends and when he’ll sire with the sun,
An ending for my withering hands and aching flesh,
I wonder, wonder, when I’ll finally be done,
When I’ll be sorry to the body that my soul’s a-meshed,

With pain, with whips, and flaming tongues,
Lashed within by the silent tremors here made mine
By me, I’m sorry, sorry you were young,
And that I drank that youth up as I traced this line,

To the ocean that, we’ve drowned beneath,
A thousand seas, and mirths, and pains,
I think it’s funny how I choked you with a wreath
Of my own words, and for courting Nike, blood mine drained.

I think we try too far, too hard, to run along,
The hands of time, to race against with the golden king,
As Helios beckons us to dance his song,
To make upright our broken knees, and waltz around his solar ring.

I’m tired, you say, of the water seeping in my bones,
Of choking, drowing, flailing, screaming into gags and chains,
Aching like a muscle under the golden mountain of your throne,
And I’m sorry that I laugh at you and stab you more with pain.

But maybe one day we’ll make peace.
I think it lies there, someday where I suffocate,
In clouds and sleep and happy; where the lease
Is mine and ours alone, a silent fate,

Where there’s no need to rise again,
Where you won’t have to kneel and wake at day,
And heed the beckon of moon, sun, when
I’ve freed us from the attic in The House of Soleil.


Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Daria Nekipelova

So you’ll pass between a door and a door,
And lingering, you’ll stay; oddly looking,
Unpassing, and confused in the corridor.
But of what? You whisper, spine shivering.

For you’ve crept there too long, and fallen asleep,
Of mirth, you’ve forgotten, that lies the way out,
You’ve made it your home, permanence to keep,
But DEEP! Whispers the exit, by its commanding’dness shout.

Cracks, they disturb you, by the jagged surreality,
White walls, the uncanny, made mother your soothe,
Remembered, but ignored—the second door that must be,
But of now is trivial, white walls and thinned paint your truth.

THE JOURNEY, THE JOURNEY! Oh, what’s it to you?
LIMINAL, LIMINAL, I’m lost in it too.

Pelle Sub Agnina

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Engin Akyurt

I have worn your body
From morn to night
To adorn the ungodly;
I’m a mournful sight.

I have lost your pieces:
Marbles tossed to gutters,
Gas, exhaust, and faeces—
Lips embossed with mutters.

I am bones; a skeletal
Half-sewn fraction of
A loaned soul festival
That moans for above—

I am damned; I am hell,
A pentagram sits beneath
This Madame Unwell,
Who burns lambs ‘tween her teeth.

You are the devil; satanic
Figment that fills the body,
Container to spill with demonic
Desire, to eat, kill, and unsee.

You are, you are, you are,
So bizarre, the one I will not
Remove, voussoir, you are
By far, my worst—my plot!

Galaxies Sip

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Ron Lach

Silver sips my sad champagne,
But Bitter lights her stellar’s mane.
Effervescent nebulous,
Lie in my cup till daylight rusts.

And in that autumn crumpled burnt,
Is caramel carpet pain unlearnt.
So drink you like my innocence,
And sip you till my life may rinse.

Frown you as I drown in wine,
As absinthe glitter spirals mine.
So drowsy drowsy drinking joy,
Might one day flight my dreams employ.

I’ll eye you up in corduroy rum,
But chiding lest your conscience hum.
A-seize me up this twirling ice,
Of vodka heroes, all things nice.

Now spank those stars their moans you’ll hear,
Celestial chaos fried demure.
Let’s powder powder ash my brain,
Without you by my life to stain.

Darkness folds with diamond eyes,
But sparkles in my bloodstream rise.
And where I’ve lost for lustrous glee,
Inject by black to rainbows be.

Weep your arms, encompassed lost,
Though me I find, I’d pay that cost,
Crash or die by fated will,
In heaven find my face until.

So sappy sipping sloppy cider,
For pleasure such my mouth grows wider.
Orbit me till wrinkles dawn,
Mundane your scold, forever’s yawn.

Stargazing in a Parking Lot

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by Yaroslav Shuraev

Don’t tell me that you didn’t like the view—
Your back on mine, on hers, her concrete spine,
Dusk-spun dust she blew in soft breaths of hue,
Against crystalline, many sky-stones rhine.

I tell you that I like those specks that strike
The eye, like you, on me, on you. As dawn
Would see it, a star, hikes you, orchestral, brass-like,
Through ebony, the dark falls of me, in noir-strokes drawn.

So sit on concrete, sit lonely and sweet,
Sit on black as I sit, in lines white that fit,
Optical deceit to your light’s blinking tweet,
Sipping stars blown to bits by the cold’s scream split.

You’ve run out of fuel and now palm through my pools,
That suck black from your white, ’til the skies, they might,
Come bottle our jewels, in glass made ampoules,
Keep you from my night, and me from your light.

Don’t dial away, our escape is futile.
When Newton spoke, he but outlined our yolk;
While gravity smiles on our denial, we’ll be here for a while,
So why stoke the fire? Why fight it? Why choke?

Oh we’re captives, can’t you see? For as long as we live,
The tableau of my nothing makes your light, everything,
Like a humour in their archive. They smile and give
—us, reflected in the eye’s outer ring, fated, bound by their strings.

Is it worth it to ask why we’re sentenced to the skies,
When you can chew it up, swallow, spit it out hollow?
So that goodbye will suffice, your heart when it dies,
It’s all I ask, that with me you wallow before you do go,

Perhaps we were forced, perhaps we’re coerced,
But hush, let us sleep and rest where the pavement is cheap,
I don’t care about the course of our fate’s divorce,
And neither should you keep such frown-lines so deep:

Mercy is my gasoline that sullies your pristine
White, golden glorious shining magnanimous,
Mercy is that I’ve seen, and down the path of “we” been.
Oh in the saga of us, what more can I ask,

But for you to stargaze with me, my stellar stargirl?
The cars have all left, it’s now our world.

The Roses Have Bloomed In The Garden of Lady Selene

Written by Callie Cheng
Art by cottonbro

She’s born again beneath this moon,
Burning through the cosmos with her chariot and spear;
We’ll mourn ‘gainst the chains which once brought her ruin,
So bleed, oh bleed might those eyes which once jeered.

When her horns are of gold and her reign is of doom,
So bright you shall scream, at the Lady Domineer.
She’s worn out the old, so now your throats bleat her tune,
As her right heel sunders, you cruel men who leered.

I warn you now, young rascals and old goons,
This Lady is might, made from wrinkled the year,
She’s sworn to the daughters sold just far too soon,
So do be of fright when her blade seeks your tears.

A thorn made of opulence, we were once told to bloom,
But our plight’s were but heard by our Lady, our dear,
To borne us from flowers to nettles sans wombs,
So might we be freed from the reigns of our atmosphere.

So adorn you your teeth, and stab wordless your grooms,
When white shines our Lady, and the blind sun sleeps near,
Be torn from their sheaths might your swords and your plumes,
And be right by your sisters and by you, oh my dear—

Selene loves you child,
Selene will come soon,
You’ve not been defiled,
‘Neath the eyes of your mother, your moon.

Heartbreak Jenga For Two

Written by Callie Cheng

The two of us stood on a tower so tall,
A-hand in hand, peering out on the pier,
As the sun dipped his mane in the ocean’s chorale,
Where the colours of my demise should have struck me with fear.

The tidal’s painted buttresses flew at us— see,
Screaming to tear at the seams of our spire,
With a thousand arms that emerged from the sea,
That reached for my flames, to snuff me the liar.

But you stand beside me, so I might stand here straight,
Despite the falsehoods I’ve whispered by the crook of your ear,
You’ve still not abandoned me to the coming sea’s fate,
And you’ve smiled even when my beastly storm there comes near.

And a liar I am, oh a liar am I,
For you see, as you stood beside me up there,
I’ve tricked you to the tops of this tower in the sky,
To stand as my comrade ‘neath the fires of the crowd’s glare.

We were never just friends, oh were we my dear?
Else would a friend have forged you a spire of secrets that tips like this tower?
So when the tidals of the truth roar so near,
I’ll not lie to you now, not at this time, at this hour.

I should have told you so, and told you then,
So I’ll tell you then now, lest I lose you my friend.
I’ve loved you since I’d met you for the first time again,
And I wish that you’ll stay with me, past this tsunami’s end.

She comes for me now, for my tower of lies,
And shattering the qualms of what’s mine and yours past,
That false memory of us on this lonely night dies,
As might my throne and my fortress do tumble at last.

So tumble let her be, let her tumble to her doom,
But you’re here with me now, so please stay on this crumbling shelf,
And stand with me as I face the monsoon,
Of the truth to lie I’d told you and myself,

Really, I liked it when you stood beside me,
So let’s rebuild this tower, in the calm after the sea.

Nine Tales, Nine Tails

Written by Callie Cheng

Foxy, Foxy,
Stole my heart,
Crept in the den,
And tore it apart!

‘Round you went,
All wrapped in coy,
And purred so soft,
To vex this boy.

Silver mane
Did shed in here,
And left a mess,
You have, my dear.

Stars be-dazzled
In your eyes,
And moon’s the vixen,
Next my sunrise.

Father tells me,
Not to lie,
With demons,
Nor Hu-Li sly,

And Mother says,
I shan’t Kou-Tou
The heavens and earth,
Beside a Kumiho!

But I think I love,
My Kitsune,
And if love’s a gamble,
Then together let’s play.

So somersault,
Just once for me,
And fox no longer,
Might you be,

And land you
In my arms at last,
A woman with—
Her nine-tails cast!