Time Traveler

Written by Nikki P.

one wish granted:
go back to the days of happiness,
any time of Your choosing,
only if you finish your task.
one request given:
save the Girl 
before Her soul is snatched; 
stop Her from falling into a life of misery;
find her last moment of happiness,
the last time her mouth curves up into a smile;
hurry up, the clock is moving fast.
one chance is offered:
to help get Her life back
before She gives up
remind Her of the memories,
that kept her on the ground,
before they vanish.
end Her pain before She does
there’s a possibility that:
she can get out of this;
You can get out of this
bring Yourself back 
one wish fulfilled

Purple Martin

Written by Nikki P.

i follow the shadows, curious of their destination
my eyes peering as they fly higher;
their navy color remind me of my dreams,
the ones where i reach for the stars,
only for them to run farther

                                                                                                               and farther   

i use the breeze as a foundation,
to float till my head is in the clouds—
i glide through the cotton, 
flapping my wings to the beat of the wind;
as i soar against the pressure of the sky,
i see the mirror in the moon,
a reminder of my place among the others,
as they fly beside me,
and the lie in my name.
i fall back in realization, my eyes closing,
as i recall my dreams