Eyes on Land

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Sandi Vincent

When I opened my eyes,
They fell faster than the tears on their edge,
Dropped out
Like the utmost disaster of ache

I sprinkle a few emotions on the mess.
They burn like fire set on the forest
like the bloody sun setting in withered light:
A fame in this naturalistic habitat

I am bereft of the usual luck—a potion full of junk
I carry in this caged heart like a side character
dying in the story by the villain
except I’m both
and I’m just me


Desserts and Ache

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Ashley Manila

I scribble away my heart
like a shattered tale of Tiramisu.
Yes, the taste of this heavenly baked dessert
lies at the outskirts of this foolish truth.
I lag behind a little, and I am jeopardized
by the succession lingering on the devil’s tooth.
What else would be my name?
Where else serenity would be if not in pain?
Like a thumbnail pressed on the wooden ache,
I slowly slip out the emotions of longitude love,
and a sickening heart safely beneath the stains.

Two Windows in the Storm 

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Stephania Dapolla

Rain kissed the ground softly at first,
Embracing drops our soil hadn’t received in ages
The wind is beaming through the wild night
peeking through the jaded windows at me
I lie awake like a modern street
filled with berries and glistening trees
that asks the man about his dreadful day
to accompany him
but I don’t have a soul with me
And I, myself, am a lot of beings instead of me
Cracked open windows cries to be shut
but however I pull them down
they crackle up like dawn
Basking under the moonlight
these windows burn and ache
I shut them all night but now the glass has a break
no matter how much I persuade them
They are bruised but open
What else do they want to be received from this lost kingdom?
Cackles the night and shivers the storm
Are they expressing sorrow for this insomniac born?

Solace in Rain

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Marija Anicic

It rained cats and dogs last night
And I caught a pair of them, bought them inside
Soft in dust and armored they are
They don’t speak a different language
Seems like they didn’t come from so far
They are calm as deer and light as feather
They don’t seem like they’ve ever been apart
The world has a caterwaul effect outside
Like a terror has summoned the bright
Cooper, the dog barks with all his might
But Luna, the cat sleeps throughout the night
My life has been like that of a prompter
I supplied forgotten words for people as I write
Luna and Cooper has incandescent something stronger
A love of transparence and longer than a lie
They gave those words to me that I couldn’t ever find
We all live happily in our cottage together
Till it rains cats and dogs fruitfully forever!

Blue Child

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by K. Mitch Hodge

Blue child has hope hover over his brows
and only his eyes caterwaul so much
that I can hear the cries of his so-called crimes from afar.
Under the silhouette’s solemn sheer screen
dreams are made up of sand dust in his world
and there is no rat race or cruel saplings
sprouting in this dreadful drought of life.
A rope of hope has eloped from the house
and the Blue boy’s vision made it happen,
he is notorious in his world & just like a tear
he slips away easily on any skin, a pearl lover
he is, slips away beneath his own sky and
lives in a bunker with those rapid eyes.

For You

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Denny Bitte

Let’s peek through the unknown into the known
And sing the blues of yellow dreams scrounging
That wired soul for the good deed you always did
Like a saint in their enlightening stage, blooming, leaving, sewing the patches of happiness and brewing the truth of sadness
You lie awake in the starry night so much
That stars whispers their secrets to you
And you heal from the forgotten scars and dive deep
Into their words, into the endless breath of being, into the madness of dreamy beams.
Follow up your heart and reach for the gauntness
Of the shattered days and broken time,
Don’t worry dear, pebbles won’t change
their paths or leave your journey
You’ll make your own bricks
You’ll carve your own world
And most of all, you’ll live not only survive.

A Glass Eye in Society

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Irving Penn

A vitric eye in this social setting
Will always result with cracks of hurt—
Bleeding through glass chains
Breathing through a vicious unempathetic fort.

This glossy eye shines a lot each day
But has no tears or veins
Triggers the wrath of dying flames
And burns those who touch the frivolous fame.

A wreath of daisies sits on the muddy island
Where the awry eye belonged to once
Now royals in armure covered the shrine
And birthed the broken and crystal kind.

This glass eye screams every waning night
Oh with withered poverty and leprosy’s crime,
It blesses the souls of all material goodies
Of the world that asks diamonds from the poor.

The Other Side

Written by Revika Sangamita
Art by Leire Unzueta

Perhaps I would’ve died sooner than the unfaithful plan of fate,
I’d give in to the blood of love and finally taste
the serenity in fears, crippling tears under my name.
A cry breaks a tear open and dreams brew in the sulking sky.
Now I dive deep in haste, with buffering dread trying to hide
nightmares of their own, I hear the white lies
turning in gray, freely breathing away.
This isn’t the place it used to be, things have changed.
“Wonders in ruins” is the new game.
And today, I am on the other side without a shame.
Oh today, I say I have lived with all my sake!