Mirror Talks

Written by Tabalith – Instagram: @taba_lith

I was beautiful tonight – 

Sparkling were my eyes, 

Diamonds filled with skies. 

You could’ve fallen in love tonight –

For my cutting smile  

Reaped to beguile. 

I was beautiful tonight, 

– for no soul! 

What does your skin do to me 

Behind curtains of overripe


Fingertips caress the night,  

Whispering to shattered glass: 

See the ashes of tonight,  

Melting into your crevasse.

Treasure Island

Written by Tabalith – Instagram: @taba_lith

Behold my white eyes 

They are the first thing you get addicted to, 

They will follow every one of your steps, 

Observing the movement of your hands.

How they yearn to land on my treasure island

And how they are not allowed to,  

But my hungry eyes 

They will give you a silent allowance 

And your hands will come closer,

So close,

As if they’re about to land on me,  

Just to fly away, back again  

To a country I have not discovered